Body First Fitness in not just for members! Whether a member of not you can enjoy the benefits of Body First Fitness. #fitMHK

Fitness Amenities

Fitness Amenities

Body First  members enjoy cardio areas, a weight room, a variety of fitness equipment and additional workout options. We strive to help members achieve their fitness goals.

Fitness Amenities
Body First Yoga- Part of Body First Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness

Body First Fitness Classes include Mind/Body Classes (yoga, Pilates, etc), Strength and Conditioning (Core Fit, Tabata), Senior Classes (F.A.B. fit), Zumba, Cardio tennis  and more. 

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Body First Core Fit


Body First offers personal, partner and group training. Body First trainers are knowledgeable, professional, and trusted.

Body First Training
fitMHK- fitness for Manhattan


A fitness community for Manhattan. Body First fitness is excited to be growing and able to offer members of our community additional fitness opportunities.