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Body First Massage

Body First Massage

Since 1997 Body First has provided professional Massage Therapy to the Flinthills. We are dedicated to having the best professionals on staff. We provide a variety of services offered by trusted, knowledgeable, professional, and experienced staff that are the best in their field.
To schedule an appointment for massage please call 785.587.8300

Massage Therapy

Body First Massage

Qualified massage therapists use various modalities and techniques to customize each massage to meet the needs of the clients. Each session may incorporate Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Swedish Massage, Myofascial release and other techniques. Whether you need therapy or just relaxation Body First Massage is the perfect choice.

    15 Min Massage $20
    30 Min Massage $30
    60 Min Massage $60
    75 Min Massage $75
    90 Min Massage $85


Sports Massage

Designed with the athlete in mind Sports Massage incorporates numerous modalities to promote maximum performance. Sports massage focuses on the muscles relevant to your athletic activity and may include guided stretching.

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    30 Min Sports Massage $30
    60 Min Sports Massage $60
    90 Min Sports Massage $85

Pregnancy Massage

For the mother to be...

Gentle to moderate massage to help a women adjust to her body's changes during pregnancy.

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    30 Min Pregnancy Massage $30
    60 Min Pregnancy Massage $60



Hot Stone Massage

Body First Massage with the application of warmed smooth basalt stones. Muscles relax faster than just massage alone.

not available during summer weather

    60 Min Hot Stone Massage $75
    90 Min Hot Stone Massage $100

Massage Packages

Head to Toe Massage Package...$100

(~100 Min) Includes:Head to Toe Relaxation; Scalp Massage, 60 Min Body First Massage, and 30 Min. Reflexology

Massage Sampler Package...$100

(~90 Min) Includes: A sampling of our favorites. 30 Min. Each of Body First Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Reflexology.

Renewal and Relaxation Package...$100

(~90 Min) Includes:60 Min Body First Massage and Heads Up Massage

Relaxation Package...$200

The ultimate experience in relaxation!! It pampers, relaxes and rejuvenates.(~2 1/2 hrs) Includes: 60 Min Body First Massage,Scalp Massage, Heads Up Massage,Pedi-ssage,
and Mani-ssage


Massage for Target Areas


(~30 Min) Massage focusing on the overworked muscles of the hands and arms. May include Reflexology and/or the use of spa products.


(~30 Min) Massage focusing on muscles of the lower legs and feet. May include Reflexology and/or the use of spa products.

Heads Up! Massage...$45

(~30 Min) Massage focusing on muscles of the face, neck and scalp. Includes the use of spa grad facial products and steamed towels.

*Our Heads! Massage is designed for relaxation of the facial muscles and/or therapeutic purposes and not designed to address specific skin health issues and conditions.

Scalp Massage...$20

(~15 Min) Massage to relax the mind, boost blood flow, and help banish tension headaches.

Additional Body Work


Massage's close cousin. Reflexology is the systematic manual manipulation of the reflex points of the body, generally the hands and feet. Reflexology can improve circulation and relieve tension. It promotes the body's natural healing processes while relaxing the recipient.

    30 Min Reflexology $30
    60 Min Reflexology $60

Energy Work, Craniosacral, Acupressure, Polarity Therapy, Aromatherapy, etc...

Many of the Massage Therapists at Body First offer or specialize and additional types of bodywork. Please contact us in regards to availability and pricing.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Body First Wellness and Recreation Center

3615 Claflin, Manhattan, KS 66503
(785) 587 8300 or (785) 776 6060

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