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Fitness Training

Why should fitness programs be one size fits all? They shouldn't. Our trainers customize a program specific for you. Whether you are looking to become more fit, overcome a plataue, or just get moving using a personal trainer may be more necessity than luxury.

Our Training programs begin with a fitness evaluation to determine where to begin your program. From that point, our trainers work with you to develop a program to help you

  • Achieve your goals-Personal Training can help you get on the right path to reach your goals.
  • Learn proper technique and form-Avoid injury by exercising the right way while maximizing your results
  • Be more motivated-Body First Personal trainers not only help work harder, they can help you avoid mundane workouts so you are excited to come work out.

Fitness Evaluation

A great way to determine your beginning fitness level and see what areas you should focus on.

The Fitness Evaluation includes a health-risk appraisal, fitness measurements, and body measurements. Using the results of this assessment along with goal setting and a personal profile will be created. The personal profile will be the basis for lifestyle recommendations to promote sustained wellness and will serve as the foundation of the personal training program.

Fitness Evaluation...$25

Members receive one free fitness evaluation per year

1 on 1 Personal Training

All the focus is on YOU! Receive individualized attention as the trainer creates a customized program.

    60 Min Personal Training Session...$50

    90 Min Personal Training Session...$75

Small Group Training

Enjoy most of the benefits of a private personal training session with social interaction of a group. Small-group workouts will be tailored to address the group's specific needs and goals

    Partner Training

    60 Min Partner Training Session...$30/person

    90 Min Partner Training Session...$40/person

    3-5 People

    60 Min Small Group Training Session...$20/person

    90 Min Small Group Training Session...$25/person

Body First Sports Enhancement Programs

Body First also offers sports enhancement programs, tennis lessons, and more...

Get Fit with a Body First Personal Trainer

Additional Info

Non-members must pay for a guest pass for each time they are work out with any personal trainers

Pricing listed is for Body First Personal Trainers; Pre-Approved Independent Trainers set their own pricing.

Small Group Training rates are based on the size of your small group. All clients pay the same amount while the group decides on the number of days to meet each month. If the group size changes then rates will automatically change to the new rate based on the number of clients.

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Contact Us

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