Sports Massage at Body First

16 Feb 2013 in

Total Body Care for the Athlete

Every year athletes don't get the chance to participate fully in their sport. Some watch from the sidelines due to injuries that may have been avoided; others suffer struggle through workouts from simple imbalances in the body; and many just give up due to pain or discomfort they experience. Body First has a proven track record of helping athletes overcome challenges their bodies face and perform at their best.

Pregnancy and Wellness

11 Dec 2012 in

Total Body Care for the Pregnant Women


A women's body changes more during pregnancy than any other time during their life.
Whether it is your first pregnancy or you have experienced the joys, excitement, and aches of pregnancy before; Body First can make your journey a more pleasurable and healthy one. Body First pregnancy massage therapists are dedicated to the wellness and health of the pregnant woman. Our Staff can work together to help you enjoy your pregnancy.